Do you have questions?

Unfortunately not. Once an auction has been advertised we have to proceed with the auction.
It is strongly recommended that you view prior to the auction, this can be arranged by contacting our auctioning staff on 082 822 0437.
After an item has been knocked down, the Auctioneer may announce that it has been purchased "subject to confirmation". This means that the reserve price or OEV (owner's estimated value) hasn't been reached, and we need to confirm with the owner whether the item may be sold for this lesser amount. The owner is contacted as soon as possible, and the buyer then advised accordingly. For this reason it is most imperative that details are filled in correctly during the registration process so that we can contact you.
Buyers commission (10%) & VAT (15%) is charged on all items purchased. Please note that in accordance with Receiver of Revenue regulations, VAT is payable on all commission charged. In short, an additional 26.5% will be added to the hammer price.
Successful bidders will be notified via email of their successful bids and of any other documents/payments that are required before being allowed to collect their goods.
A deposit ensures intent to purchase by the buyer. Auction rules state that the highest bid is binding (in other words if you have the highest bid - you are required by law to purchase the item), the deposit is a security for the auctioneer that the buyer will not default on the purchase.
Yes, according to Auction law, you will lose your deposit. Unfortunately, you will also be blocked from bidding on any auctions on our platform in the future.